Important Nudism.TV Announcement

For the past several years Nudism.TV has helped thousands of individuals capture genuine moments of naturism in a way that is very close to true life. The footage that is being submitted to us on daily basis depicts what equates to an amazing flow of unedited video diaries. Very few online platforms can capture people’s naturist lives, their relationship with friends, relatives, and their hobbies in an uncut, long-term video format.

Our platform was originally intended to include everybody and be unbiased to all races, genders, and ages. As we have grown exponentially over the past few months, a discussion over how best to represent family Naturism has taken place. As a result, we have decided that going forward participation in filming will be limited to adults only. Any footage already created, that contains people under the age of 18, has been discarded and will not be used and at no time will any of the websites under our control will feature any minors.

Nudism.TV will continue as an adult-only participant platform on a mission to normalize wholesome nudity.

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